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Posted by on June 02nd, 2016 in Blog Posts

LanYap Networks recently attended the EEI Business Diversity Conference with two of our supplier partners, TeraNova and Matrix-IBS.  We chose to exhibit at the conference with the goal of networking and reaching new customers in the energy vertical.  Unexpectedly we left with a renewed dedication to enriching the lives of those around us, thanks to a chance meeting with Donna Fujimoto Cole, President and CEO of Cole Chemical and philanthropist.

At a conference intended as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow our respective businesses, Ms. Cole was a breath of fresh air.  She gave a moving speech on the importance of mentoring and giving back to the community, both of which are passion projects for us at LanYap Networks. As she spoke of her determination in the face of discrimination, her incredible success became all the more inspiring.  Ms. Cole was remarkably gracious, and Natasha and Angie were unable to resist a fangirl moment, shown in the picture above.

Ms. Cole was instrumental in seeking recognition for the contributions of Japanese-American soldiers during World War II, as well as the creation of the subsequent Smithsonian exhibit, American Heroes: Japanese American World War II Nisei Soldiers and the Congressional Gold Medal .


President Barack Obama signs PL 111-254 awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd RCT and Military Intelligence Service.

Among her many other projects, Ms. Cole is also the creator of Pantheon of Women, a production company harnessing the power of film to mentor women and girls. The next project is a movie about the young life of Cathay Williams, surviving during post-civil war time as the only African American woman in the Buffalo Soldiers.  We look forward to seeing what Ms. Cole will do next and will continue to be inspired by her achievements.

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