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Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Your Telecom Expense Management

Posted by on March 26th, 2018 in Blog Posts, Telecom Expense Managment

We’ve all heard Peter Drucker’s oft-quoted line “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” This statement could not be more accurate when it comes to your communication expenses. Without the ability to quantify success, track metrics, and analyze the data, it’s virtually impossible to take control of your business operations.

As the use and cost of telecom services increases, organizations of all sizes are looking for solutions to help them reduce expenses while simultaneously improving the efficiencies of business processes. Telecom Expense Management, or TEM, does just that. While many have the resources to handle TEM in-house, others are enjoying the benefits of an outsourced solution. Here’s why:

Reducing the Burden on Internal Departments 

When internal resources are limited or overburdened, an outsourced TEM solution can take the day-to-day stress of managing telecom expenses off the shoulders of the IT and accounting departments. Outsourced TEM gives businesses the ability to leverage expert tools and resources to manage telecom bills, billing disputes and resolutions, IT inventory, and more. By shifting these time-consuming tasks out-of-house, internal departments are now able to focus on the organization’s strategic initiatives.

Increasing Net Profitability of the Organization 

One of the main reasons organizations may look to an outsourced TEM solution is the significant impact it can have on the financial health of the business. As TEM solutions have evolved, many providers have become highly skilled in knowing where to look for cost-saving opportunities where an internal team may not. This helps the business improve the net profit of the company by eliminating underutilized services, identifying billing errors, and negotiating better contracts with carriers.

Improving IT Inventory Management 

Consider the number of fixed and mobile inventory that your business has throughout the organization. This inventory includes things like desk and mobile phones, voice and data circuits, routers – the list goes on. For companies with a significant number of employees or high employee turnover rate, this can become an inventory management nightmare. With a TEM solution, you can easily create an accurate inventory and better manage what you have, what you’re paying for it, and where it’s located.

The bottom line? A solid TEM solution can not only help your business reduce the burden of managing telecom expenses, but also improve its overall financial and operational health. LanYap Networks’ team of experts can help you find the ideal TEM solution for your business.

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