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To ‘Office’ or ‘Not to Office’ – Cloud is the question

Across the country, corporate offices are still a shell of their former selves as we round out the pandemic-driven year. Typically abuzz with people and activity, many offices haven’t fully reopened to employees. For example, in New York City, 92% of employees still haven’t returned to the office, and the path to normalcy isn’t clear. 

Many businesses are opting to stagger returns or develop hybrid work environments, and some are reconsidering how and where to deploy physical office spaces. It’s no surprise that the “demand for office space has slumped,” according to a recent New York Times article

What does all this mean for the traditional office? Will it be resurrected over time, or is its end imminent? Only time and the cloud will tell.

The future of the office

For the most part, reopening businesses are making adjustments to address social distancing and reduce common area gatherings. While this short-term solution will get employees back in the office sooner, the long-term adjustments are significant. Reimagining the office now includes strategies that address collaboration, productivity, and a culture of a better employee experience. The only way to accomplish these goals – the cloud. 

A recent survey by MariaDB in June of 2020 found that 40% of businesses are accelerating their move to the cloud. The study further concludes that 51% are looking to move more applications to the cloud to prepare for future shutdowns. Cloud-based applications like unified communications and collaboration tools have made it possible for employers to extend work-from-home models for months. Additionally, organizations have deployed apps to provide:

  • Video conferencing
  • Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P)
  • Document and file sharing
  • Productivity and collaboration 
  • Project management

Unified Communications ties it all together

Taking a strategic approach to unifying all of these tools, many businesses are looking to Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) to power the ‘office of the future.’ In doing so, the organization can reap the benefits of technology for remote workers while also enabling a seamless transition back to physical offices when the time comes. This new era of work centers on the communication and collaboration features provided by cloud technology.

As we’ve said before – not all providers are the same. It’s essential to determine your business’s exact needs and look for a solution that provides all the features, integrations, and support you require for today and the future. LanYap Networks can help. If you’re looking to power the office of tomorrow, give us a call.

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