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Tips for Mastering Telecom Expense Management

Posted by on February 07th, 2017 in Blog Posts, Telecom Expense Managment

Your business likely has more electronic devices than you know what to do with, including the antiquated ones hidden in abandoned desks and filing cabinets! Add in their associated service plans and contacts and that’s enough to give anyone a migraine. Save yourself the headache by using these tips for mastering Telecom Expense Management.

Inventory Management

Without a clear picture of your inventory, it’s nearly impossible to manage your telecom expenses. Spend the time upfront taking full inventory to get a centralized view of all your devices and how and where they are being used so you can eliminate redundancies where possible.

Order Management

Leveraging automation for order management increases efficiency and keeps your inventory organized and clean going forward. Standardize the process with a portal that allows employees to place their own orders for pre-approved devices.

Use a web-based platform

It’s 2017, you no longer have to rely on paper invoices. Use a web-based platform that provides you a list of all your expenses at any given time. This gives you the ability to perform ongoing reviews of your usage and expenses and start to identify trends and savings opportunities.

Optimize Your Expenses

Analyze your contracts for usage, overage charges, to make sure you are getting what you pay for, and that you are not overpaying. Identify ways to save including disabling inactive devices and increasing plans for employees who consistently rack up overage charges.

Once you take inventory, streamline your order process, and get a global view of all your telecom expenses, it’s likely you will be able to identify ways to renegotiate a better contact and start saving.

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