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The Media, Pawlatics, and Kindness: Today’s world from a pitbull’s perspective

Posted by on September 17th, 2020 in Blog Posts

Hey there! It’s me again – Beaux. You may remember me from previous posts like, “Things My Dog, Beaux, Learned From Working From Home” and “5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Business.” Today, mom gave me permission to speak to you directly about something that’s been on my mind the past few months. 

In case you can’t tell by my adorable face, I’m part pitbull. Many people hear that word and immediately think of a vicious creature with ‘locking jaws’ and the ‘bite strength of a crocodile’ (just two of the Myths About Pitbulls). These preconceived notions about my breed couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, there are pitbull dogs that, in the hands of despicable owners, have been raised to dog fight – to NO fault of their own. However, most pitbulls are pretty ‘pawsome’ dogs and make great pets, even in families with small children.

Fun fact: Did you know that pitbulls were referred to as “nanny dogs” in the 1900s because of their loyalty and protection of children?

The media and misinformation have damaged my breed’s identity, and I think the same is true with you humans. Over the past few months, I’ve listened to the news with my mom and one thing that I’ve noticed is that all of you humans seem to be very angry about ‘pawlatics.’ So, since I’m a good boy (ask my mom, she’ll tell you), I thought I would give you all some advice.

Do your own research

The media runs on ratings. Sensational stories, anchor opinions, and ‘first to break’ headlines are meant to increase ratings and can often do more damage than good. When you read a headline or see a post on social media, take the time to do your own research and form your own opinion rather than letting someone else tell you how you should think or feel about a person, situation, or group of people. 

Talk to people ‘on the other side of the fence’

As a dog, I know a little something about folks on the other side of the fence. They are quite curious to me. But, if you can meet in neutral territory and talk, you might find that you have more in common than you think. In fact, my mom has a friend that she calls a Republican. I don’t know what that means, but I know they don’t agree on pawlatics much. Even still, they both love doggos like me, a good cup of tea, and supporting charities that are making the world a better place. If we bark less and sniff more, we might better understand each other.

Final thoughts from Beaux

There are lots of things in this world that we don’t understand. Dog breeds, political opinions, and why certain places put up “No Dogs Allowed” signs. What I do know is that we all have to share this great big dog park we call Earth. When you feel frustrated or angry about something you’ve seen on social media or the news, take some time to do your own research, talk to others, and lead with kindness. This year has been difficult for all of us. Maybe a little compassion is what we really need to make it through this together.

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