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Take Your IP Addresses to the Cloud with Same IP Failover

Posted by on November 19th, 2019 in IP Failover

An interruption to your network connection can be a slight annoyance, a devastating downtime event, or something in between. In today’s connected world, downtime can wreak havoc on your business. But, things happen – cables get cut, routing issues occur, maintenance must be done, provider networks go down. These things simply can’t be avoided. Or can they?

This struggle for uptime has resulted in a lot of chatter in the industry about failover and redundancy over the past few years. Service providers tend to approach failover differently – switchover, load balancing, peer failover, standbys, etc – although the approach may vary, the end goal is the same – minimize or eliminate network downtime. 

Introducing Same IP Failover from Bigleaf

One of the providers in LanYap’s portfolio is taking a different approach to eliminating downtime with SD-WAN. When you use Bigleaf’s cloud-based SD-WAN solution, they essentially become your internet service provider (ISP). Their solution encapsulates each packet in a tunnel before it travels between their gateway clusters and your physical building. This allows you to have static public IP addresses that never change when traffic moves between connections. 

This setup ensures that when one of your circuits goes down, your business and applications stay up and running. Since your IP address never changes, your VoIP calls, remote desktop sessions, VPNs, video conferencing applications, and other cloud-based apps seamlessly failover. 

Want to learn more about Same IP Failover?

Check out this great video from Bigleaf – Seamless Failover Demo – where Bigleaf’s founder and CEO, Joel Mulkey, shows you a real-life example of how this works. You can also learn more about Bigleaf by reading our latest Supplier Spotlight

If you need to eliminate network failover, LanYap Networks can help you determine if Bigleaf’s SD-WAN solution is right for your business. Just give us a call and let’s talk!

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