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Supplier Spotlight: Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Posted by on September 25th, 2017 in Blog Posts, Mobility, Security

Verizon DNS Safeguard helps eliminate harmful internet traffic before it gets to your front lines.

When enterprises take advantage of technology, they don’t just drive business; they change the world. We work behind the scenes to help organizations large and small get all they can from technology. You may know Verizon only as the company making your smartphone work. But we’re also the company helping 99% of the Fortune 1000 work. Our solutions can help safeguard critical access points via edge gateways and keep your network available to the people who need it.

DNS Safeguard puts you more in control of where your end users go and what they see on the internet. The solution can help you enforce acceptable use or compliance policies across your network. With flexible policies based on content categories and custom block lists, DNS Safeguard can apply internet access restrictions to every laptop you manage.

Being a cloud-based security platform, DNS Safeguard can help prevent your devices—on and off your network—from connecting to malicious or likely malicious sites. The platform can do this because DNS is a foundational component of how the internet works. Using intelligence, DNS Safeguard can identify where these dangerous domains and other intrusive internet infrastructures are staged. It then blocks malicious requests over any port or protocol—across all devices, office locations and roaming users—helping prevent both infiltration and exfiltration attempts.

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