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Supplier Spotlight: Masergy

Masergy’s Cloud Contact Center

Masergy’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution offers more scalability, flexibility, and has the enterprise-grade call routing and comprehensive management capabilities that some of the largest organizations struggle with bringing to their customer interactions. Our solution enables unified omni-channel (i.e. over voice, instant messaging, email, SMS and social media) interactions with your customers, and routes all customer interactions to one or more teams, sites, or outsource partners with a single, global queue in the cloud to maximize your customers’ satisfaction. 

Our cloud-based contact center solution uses predictive analytics to lower operating costs and improve your business performance. It also allows for you to dynamically determine how best to route each customer interaction based on measurable facts. Whatever key performance indicators you use to measure success, Masergy will provide you with the insights needed to optimize them. Key performance indicators such as call volume, number of calls answered, call duration, time to resolution, disposition codes that quantify nature of the call, and other factors provide the critical data to efficiently staff and manage a call center.

Masergy’s goal is to help companies focus on developing operational visibility and efficiencies within their call center which can become a cornerstone of their strategic growth plan. Efficient operation for us means keeping costs under control while also providing great customer experiences and meeting/exceeding service level standards.

Case Study – Essen Health Care

In one example, Essen Health Care turned to Masergy’s CCaaS solution to support their growth strategy. With this solution at the core of their operations, Essen gained visibility into their KPIs that drove operational efficiencies for managing patient care while achieving targeted financial results, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and helped Essen meet internal and regulatory driven quality standards.

With the transparency and scalability that Masergy provides in Essen’s centralized call center system, they have been able to ensure ongoing and effective patient care across its biggest divisions.

Based on improvements in its call center operations the last three years, Essen has set a new goal, to double its business to support 100,000 patients across its House Call, Office, Nursing Home, Urgent Care, and Care Management divisions over the next three years.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Plano, TX

Company size: 501 – 1,000 employees

Year founded: 2000

Specialties: Managed WAN, Global Cloud Networking, MPLS, VPLS, Software Defined Networking, Bandwidth On Demand, Network Behavioral Analysis, Advanced Managed Security, Compliance Testing, Security Audits, Cloud Unified Communications, SIP trunking, and Hosted Call Center

Website: http://www.masergy.com/

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