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Supplier Spotlight: LogMeIn – LastPass

Posted by on January 16th, 2020 in Password Management, Supplier Spotlight

Secure every access point with one simple solution.

LogMeIn, known for setting the standard in secure access to apps, devices, and data, is redefining the access landscape. In today’s cloud-centric world where an individual’s identity is used to access everything from business applications to mobile devices, LogMeIn’s platform supports tens of millions of users every day and is trusted by companies of every size to create meaningful connections. 

In 2015, the organization added LastPass to the LogMeIn family, bringing secure password and identity management to businesses and users. LastPass protects every access point through an all-in-one single sign-on and password manager solution. From reducing employee frustration to increasing IT oversight to minimizing cybersecurity threats, LastPass has far-reaching benefits across the business.

Why business choose LastPass by LogMeIn

Centralized, secure access – Integrated single sign-on and password manager provides control for every access point. Leverage 100+ custom policies, automated user management, security reporting, and more to safeguard every password-protected entry point.

Frictionless employee experience – One place to store and access every tool gives employees access to IT-supported apps and the ability to store all other apps in their password vault. LastPass connects, creates, remembers, and fills in passwords so that employees can focus on the real work.

Convenient password sharing – Secure, flexible sharing for collaborative teams while maintaining accountability, using generated passwords, and revoking access in real-time, ensuring company data doesn’t leave with departing employees.

Comprehensive security controls – A holistic view of user access across the organization with 100 customizable security policies and detailed reporting logs, the admin dashboard is IT’s command central for deploying LastPass securing user access across the organization. 

Plug-and-play integrations for IT teams – Scalable, automated integrations with your user directory of choice, simplifies employee onboarding, and offboarding for IT teams. LastPass offers seamless integrations for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure AD, OneLogin, and Okta.

High adoption, fast results – Self-guided resources help admins with rollout and employee communications so businesses can achieve better results with no extra services required.

Designed for security first – Encrypted and decrypted user data at the device level so that the master password – and the sensitive data stored in LastPass Enterprise – are kept secret, even from us. Multifactor authentication allows users to augment security for accounts.

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