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Supplier Spotlight: Genesys, Nextiva, Avaya

Posted by on January 19th, 2021 in Cloud Solutions, Security, Supplier Spotlight


Every year, Genesys delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organizations in over 100 countries. Through the power of the cloud and AI, their technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales, and service on any channel while also improving employee experiences. 

Genesys pioneered Experience-as-a-Service, so organizations of any size can provide true personalization at scale, interact with empathy, and foster customer trust and loyalty. This is enabled by Genesys Cloud, an all-in-one solution, and the world’s leading public cloud contact center platform designed for rapid innovation, scalability, and flexibility. See how Genesys Cloud brings Experience-as-a-Service to life in an AI-powered contact center. Want to learn more about Genesys?  Click here.


Nextiva takes security seriously. Their security team has worked for years to develop a system of protocols, policies, and technologies to keep your data away from prying eyes. Nextiva is known for its world-class network security and reliability; making it easy to run a fully secure business.

Their offerings include:

  • 24/7+365 Monitoring
  • Disaster Planning
  • Environmental Security
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • SD-WAN Support
  • Developer Training

Nextiva uses security measures to protect your information both during and after any transaction of information. They are certified with multiple nationwide and worldwide security initiatives. Want to learn more about Nextiva? Click here.


Avaya is reimagining digital communications with innovation that defines the future of work and the customer experience. Our Avaya OneCloud ecosystem and its solutions empower organizations to deliver experiences that matter to customers and employees alike.

Avaya is here to help you accelerate Digital Transformation. Your business wants to make every experience as seamless and connected as possible. Employee collaboration is easier and more efficient, and customer satisfaction is higher. Avaya solutions make it happen. Want to learn more about Avaya? Click here.

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