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Supplier Spotlight: Canpango

Posted by on April 24th, 2018 in Blog Posts, Cloud Solutions, Supplier Spotlight

With years of experience as a leadership team running large operating businesses, the Canpango team has been reinventing business process and crafting elegant solutions to day-to-day challenges. They quickly learned the value of embracing a flexible platform like Salesforce and putting it to work for a company. Over the years, the team sharpened their consulting and Salesforce configuration skills and put them to use helping clients of all sizes realize their potential.

They are problem solvers. Puzzle masters. Fixers. They’re driven by the thrill of reinventing business processes and developing refined solutions for day-to-day challenges. Canpango has a unique blend of first-hand operator and consulting experience in industries ranging from financial services and software development to healthcare and beverage distribution. Their experience demonstrates that all companies, regardless of industry or size, need responsive tools that enhance, rather than interrupt, their unique processes. They need a seasoned partner to help refine their processes and adapt these tools to their needs as they grow. Canpango is that partner for your business!

Canpango Expertise:

  • Salesforce Services (Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Quote-to-Cash, LiveMessage, Work-Relay and more)
  • Marketing Services (Marketing Automation, Social Automation, Sprout Social)
  • Business Consulting Services (Process Engineering, Business Process Review)
  • Custom Development

Quick Facts:

Founded: 2013

Offices: Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, London, and South Africa

Website: http://www.canpango.com/

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