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Supplier Spotlight – Bullseye Telecom & Granite

Posted by on July 21st, 2020 in POTS aggregation, Supplier Spotlight

When it comes to POTS line aggregation, there are a lot of places you can look. But if you want it done right, here are a couple of providers we recommend.

Bullseye Telecom – Optimize Your Phone Service Across Locations

BullsEye customizes solutions for your unique requirements and goals. With an extensive carrier network across the nation, Bullseye delivers reliable traditional POTS phone service while minimizing the hassle and consolidating lines into a single, easy-to-manage platform.

Bullseye provides local and long-distance service for business-critical communications such as fax, modems, alarm lines, or other emergency purposes. For businesses looking to integrate voice and data without replacing PBX hardware and infrastructure, Bullseye offers ISDN PRI for a scalable, cost-effective solution that improves network performance. 

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Granite – Local, Long Distance, and Toll-Free Service Optimization

Granite has long championed traditional local phone service due to its ease of use and unmatched reliability. Through extensive wholesale contracts with incumbent carriers across the US and Canada, Granite offers exceptional pricing allowing clients to focus on their bottom line. 

Granite’s long-distance service provides cost-effective in-state, out-of-state, international, and toll-free calling for organizations of any size and budget. If you’re dealing with multiple carriers and multiple bills, Granite’s long-distance plans consolidate billing into one consolidated billing solution. This solution also includes toll-free number charges on the monthly bill, making it easier to track and manage.

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