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Supplier Spotlight: Advantix

Posted by on March 15th, 2019 in Blog Posts, Mobility, Supplier Spotlight

Inefficiencies and unnecessary costs are killers in today’s competitive business climate. Advantix® specializes in eliminating them.

Mobility Management

Our platform dramatically reduces the amount of time customers spend administering their wireless plan and devices, provides advanced reporting and analysis to uncover cost savings and improves the overall mobility experience for employees.  

AdvantixBLITZ is a cloud-based API and industry first, enabling enterprise customers with robust mobility programs to simplify and streamline wireless device ordering and payment processing. The “plug and play” solution also provides enhancements for wireless inventory, provider equipment, and plan catalog, billing data, store orders, and customer care.

Fixed Telecom Expense Management

We offer the gamut of fixed TEM solutions including audit and recovery, circuit and device provisioning, optimization of expenses, customized reporting and carrier bill pay services, which consolidate invoices across all carriers into a single invoice. By outsourcing any or all of these labor-intensive functions, customers not only save money but free up resources that can be redirected toward other important initiatives.

IoT Solutions and Concierge/Managed Services

We have deep experience with Internet of Things (IoT) implementations and increasingly work with enterprises in energy, transportation, healthcare, and hospitality sectors to deploy and manage game-changing services that streamline operations, maximize productivity and decrease operational costs.   

Case Study: Advantix Saves Neiman Marcus 40% on Network Costs

Executive and IT leaders at Neiman Marcus engaged Advantix to reduce the financial burden of digital transformation and future-proof network infrastructure to support their growth strategy.

Prior to the company’s migration from MPLS to SD-WAN, our team trued up and cleaned assets and inventory. During the migration, we did the heavy lifting to ease the burden on internal IT personnel. After the conversion to SD-WAN, we immediately decommissioned legacy services and analyzed new contracts for significant variance and errors.

Our involvement saved the organization 40 percent on networks costs, accelerated ROI by 6-9 months and ensured the complete success of digitally transforming the network.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Year founded: 2001

Customers include: Slumberger, Neiman Marcus, Duke Energy, and Reckitt Benckiser – just to name a few.

Volume: Over 11,000 calls and 12,000 support cases handled monthly

Website: www.advantixsolutions.com

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