Mobility & IoT

Device Procurement

We provide device procurement and installation, including configuring devices to meet end-user needs, activating carrier services, and setting up applications and access to corporate apps.

BYOD Planning (Bring your own device)

Increased IoT along with growing mobile usage requires deliberate BYOD planning and enterprise mobility management. Well keep users connected, productive, and maintain the security of corporate assets with smart BYOD planning and execution. 

Contract Negotiations

Securing the optimal mobile contracts for your organization requires deep industry knowledge and a keen understanding of your company’s existing mobile usage patterns, budget, and future plans. We’ll find the best rates and manage contract negotiations so you’ll have the optimal coverage and features at the best possible price. 

Mobile Inventory & Analysis

Mobile inventory management from LanYap Networks minimizes the risks and complexity of managing these devices across your business. Our MDM solution provides an efficient way to manage mobile devices and users in a simple admin console. Register devices, enroll users, and provide the mobile security your business needs to maintain productivity and minimize the complexity of managing multiple devices.

Mobility Help Desk

Offload and outsource mobile IT support to Tier 1 & Tier 2 specialists to reduce the internal costs of supporting employees’ mobile devices.  Simplify mobile help desk by leveraging specialists who are expertly trained in a variety of devices and operating systems to identify user issues and resolve any issues quickly.


4G/LTE service from LanYap Networks is made up of leading wireless data providers and gives you access to the carrier best suited to meet your geographic locations. This minimizes the coverage issues of using a single provider and increases the speed and reliability of services. Since staying connected and operational during a network outage is vital to your company’s efficiency, WAN link redundancy provides backup and ensures protection for mission-critical applications.

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