Dedicated T1s and Internet

We offer dedicated point-to-point connections using T1s or bonded T1s from first-class Internet service providers. With our Internet services, you can also connect users and support bandwidth-intensive business applications – relying on superior peering and interconnectivity. Whatever your connectivity and Internet needs, you can expect fast deployment and exceptional service. 


Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) from LanYap Networks offers increased network agility, lower bandwidth costs, and enterprise-grade performance to ensure superior performance. Our SD-WAN solution automatically configures WAN edge routers to determine the best path for moving traffic across wired and wireless broadband and MPLS networks. This provides a better overall service performance and allows your business communications to work smoothly and seamlessly.


Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), increase flexibility and enhance productivity with metro ethernet from LanYap Networks. Metro ethernet reduces the cost of WAN equipment and eliminates the need for specialized WAN support expertise, all while enabling your business to combine voice, video and data networks. Scalable bandwidth allows you to only pay for what you need and gives you the ability to scale up and down without the hassle of adding or removing new equipment.


LanYap Networks offers a private nationwide IP network that uses MPLS to carry  high priority voice, video and data traffic. Offering secure routing between multiple locations, MPLS is great for businesses running business-critical applications, or those that require high-level security and easy control over application performance. This convergence of communications into one local connection allows you to improve operational and cost efficiencies while also improving connectivity across geographically dispersed locations.

Private Lines

Rely on LanYap Networks to support global networking, security, and Business Continuity (BC) planning with Ethernet Virtual Private Lines, Ethernet Private Lines, and International Private Lines. 

Managed Services

We provide managed network and connectivity services to support LAN, WAN, WLAN, and other Internet environments. Services also cover optimizing application performance, network security, and traffic management.

Traditional TDM Services

LanYap Networks traditional Local and Long Distance services are available nationwide and offer consistent and affordable business phone service. We support Toll Free, PRI, and analog lines, and offer an easy transition when you’re ready to move to an IP-based system.


An alternative to analog trunk lines, Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines are used for voice and data connectivity, video conferencing, and fax line traffic – using different channels. These end-to-end digital lines improve clarity and performance. 

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services)

Traditional POTS lines are sometimes still the best, most cost-effective option for supporting fax lines, alarms, elevators, small branch or retail locations. We’ll find the right package to meet your business needs.

Our Services

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