Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives your business access to a flexible, low-cost option for running applications and supporting business-critical operations. With cloud computing, you can provision the exact amount and type of computing resources needed to power your business and IT operations. Cloud computing allows you to eliminate the need for large upfront investments and reduce the frustration of managing hardware while only paying for the resources you use.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS applications give you the flexibility and agility to deploy a wide range of business applications without large upfront costs or costly software upgrades. With SaaS, subscription-based applications are centrally-hosted in the cloud and delivered to the end-user over the Internet for better associability and scalability. 

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Avoid the complexity and financial burden of purchasing and managing software, infrastructure, and other development tools and resources by leveraging PaaS solutions. PaaS is designed to give your business a cloud environment, along with the resources you need, to deliver everything from cloud-based apps to enterprise applications.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

LanYap Networks Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution is adaptable and scalable so it fits your changing business needs. Our team manages access to critical business systems, reducing the strain on your IT department and providing you with the highest levels of security and compliance. With our ITaaS solution, you can strategically focus on your business and leave the day-to-day IT responsibilities to us.

Managed Cloud

Once your business operations are in the cloud – someone has to manage it. While in-house cloud management can require heavy investment into design and IT expertise, managed cloud solutions from LanYap Networks delivers the performance and expertise you need without the hefty price tag.


With cloud hosting, you can pool resources from a variety of physical and virtual servers for a more reliable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. Monitor and allocate additional resources as needed for unlimited growth and expansion, giving your business total control over usage while minimizing downtime.

Cloud Migration

Whether you’re looking to fully-migrate or complete partial migrations over time, LanYap Networks reduces the complexities of cloud migration. Leverage our cloud knowledge and capabilities to move your business assets to the cloud while ensuring a successful, smooth journey. 

Cloud Storage

Leverage the cloud for the safe and secure storage of your documents and data. Cloud storage allows your employees to better collaborate on projects, work remotely, and access data from any device with a secure Internet connection. Storing business-critical data in the cloud also protects your vital information in the event of a physical location disaster, such as fires, floods, or tornadoes.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk solution allows your business to leverage highly-trained, U.S.-based certified consultants to provide 24/7 service to your customers. With LanYap Networks, you get a customized help desk solution that removes the stress of mobile device support from your IT staff. With our convenient and responsive inbound customer service, you can rest assured that your customers are being helped by a solid team of technical experts.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Securely protect your mission-critical business applications, systems, files, and assets in the event of a disaster. With DRaaS, unexpected downtime doesn’t cripple your business with revenue loss and the inability to communicate with customers. Instead, critical business systems are handled remotely until your primary systems are back up and running.

Service Virtualization

If you want to reduce IT costs and consolidate cloud servers, consider managed virtualization services from LanYap Networks. We deliver fast provisioning and optimize workloads so you get more from existing resources. 


Our managed Cyber Security solution offers a distributed network of security sensors that go far beyond simple anti-virus and signature protection. With LanYap Networks, you can rest easy knowing that your network is being monitored by a personal team of analysts and experts. Our online portal provides real-time data so that you can stay up-to-date on any threats or vulnerabilities detected on the network. Couple that with powerful analytics, leading-edge technology, and personalized professional service, and you’ve got the confidence and security your business needs to be protected from online threats.

Dedicated T1s and Internet

We offer dedicated point-to-point connections using T1s or bonded T1s from first-class Internet service providers. With our Internet services, you can also connect users and support bandwidth-intensive business applications – relying on superior peering and interconnectivity. Whatever your connectivity and Internet needs, you can expect fast deployment and exceptional service. 


Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) from LanYap Networks offers increased network agility, lower bandwidth costs, and enterprise-grade performance to ensure superior performance. Our SD-WAN solution automatically configures WAN edge routers to determine the best path for moving traffic across wired and wireless broadband and MPLS networks. This provides a better overall service performance and allows your business communications to work smoothly and seamlessly.


Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), increase flexibility and enhance productivity with metro ethernet from LanYap Networks. Metro ethernet reduces the cost of WAN equipment and eliminates the need for specialized WAN support expertise, all while enabling your business to combine voice, video and data networks. Scalable bandwidth allows you to only pay for what you need and gives you the ability to scale up and down without the hassle of adding or removing new equipment.


LanYap Networks offers a private nationwide IP network that uses MPLS to carry  high priority voice, video and data traffic. Offering secure routing between multiple locations, MPLS is great for businesses running business-critical applications, or those that require high-level security and easy control over application performance. This convergence of communications into one local connection allows you to improve operational and cost efficiencies while also improving connectivity across geographically dispersed locations.

Private Lines

Rely on LanYap Networks to support global networking, security, and Business Continuity (BC) planning with Ethernet Virtual Private Lines, Ethernet Private Lines, and International Private Lines. 

Managed Services

We provide managed network and connectivity services to support LAN, WAN, WLAN, and other Internet environments. Services also cover optimizing application performance, network security, and traffic management.

Traditional TDM Services

LanYap Networks traditional Local and Long Distance services are available nationwide and offer consistent and affordable business phone service. We support Toll Free, PRI, and analog lines, and offer an easy transition when you’re ready to move to an IP-based system.


An alternative to analog trunk lines, Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines are used for voice and data connectivity, video conferencing, and fax line traffic – using different channels. These end-to-end digital lines improve clarity and performance. 

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services)

Traditional POTS lines are sometimes still the best, most cost-effective option for supporting fax lines, alarms, elevators, small branch or retail locations. We’ll find the right package to meet your business needs.

Scalability Planning, Cost Analysis, and Layered Security 

The desire for ultimate scalability and cost savings make colocation and data center services very attractive. But effective colocation also requires planning so you can take on new projects and scale up with confidence. We provide scalability planning, cost/risk analysis, and layered security solutions to ensure optimal capacity and protection for every business.

Server Cabinets, Cages, and More

At LanYap Networks, we have the right mix of multi-rack server cabinets, cages, suites, and pods to meet your requirements – including physical security and power options.

Device Procurement

We provide device procurement and installation, including configuring devices to meet end-user needs, activating carrier services, and setting up applications and access to corporate apps.

BYOD Planning (Bring your own device)

Increased IoT along with growing mobile usage requires deliberate BYOD planning and enterprise mobility management. Well keep users connected, productive, and maintain the security of corporate assets with smart BYOD planning and execution. 

Contract Negotiations

Securing the optimal mobile contracts for your organization requires deep industry knowledge and a keen understanding of your company’s existing mobile usage patterns, budget, and future plans. We’ll find the best rates and manage contract negotiations so you’ll have the optimal coverage and features at the best possible price. 

Mobile Inventory & Analysis

Mobile inventory management from LanYap Networks minimizes the risks and complexity of managing these devices across your business. Our MDM solution provides an efficient way to manage mobile devices and users in a simple admin console. Register devices, enroll users, and provide the mobile security your business needs to maintain productivity and minimize the complexity of managing multiple devices.

Mobility Help Desk

Offload and outsource mobile IT support to Tier 1 & Tier 2 specialists to reduce the internal costs of supporting employees’ mobile devices.  Simplify mobile help desk by leveraging specialists who are expertly trained in a variety of devices and operating systems to identify user issues and resolve any issues quickly.


4G/LTE service from LanYap Networks is made up of leading wireless data providers and gives you access to the carrier best suited to meet your geographic locations. This minimizes the coverage issues of using a single provider and increases the speed and reliability of services. Since staying connected and operational during a network outage is vital to your company’s efficiency, WAN link redundancy provides backup and ensures protection for mission-critical applications.

Telecom Expense Management

TEM gives you the power to manage all of your telecom and data expenses in one place. TEM services from LanYap Networks help you get a clear view of your current telecom spend, including all carrier contracts, hardware, and data plans. By implementing TEM, you can reduce costs and deliver predictable cost savings over time.

Telecom Audits

A telecom expense audit takes an in-depth look at your previous telecom bills to determine opportunities for cost savings and expense optimization. During the process, telecom auditors look for specific information regarding usage, surcharges, contract terms, contract renewals, late payments, interest charges, and more to pinpoint areas in which your business may be overpaying.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk solution allows your business to leverage highly-trained, U.S.-based certified consultants to provide 24/7 service to your customers. With LanYap Networks, you get a customized help desk solution that removes the stress of mobile device support from your IT staff. With our convenient and responsive inbound customer service, you can rest assured that your customers are being helped by a solid team of technical experts.

Mobility & Wireless Expense Auditing

Similar to telecom audits, mobility and wireless expense auditing help your business take control of your mobile and wireless accounts. This type of audit looks at mobile device plans, feature plans, zero usage accounts, and other wireless charges to optimize mobile spending.


Reliable voice service is still a critical component of effective business communication. LanYap Networks’ UCaaS services provides flexibility and scalability for core business tasks, including voice calls.

PBX Functionality

Hosted PBX from LanYap Networks gives your business all the features of traditional, on-premise PBX systems, without the headache and expense of managing your own system. Hosted in the cloud and managed externally, there is no large upfront expense for the system, nor expensive on-going upgrades and maintenance. We handle all of that for you so that you can focus on what’s important – your business.

Integrated Messaging

Our UCaaS system includes integrated messaging capabilities to give teams streamlined access to all communication tools they need from one platform. And, because it’s cloud-based users can access the system across multiple channels and devices. 

File Sharing

Stop fighting with version control issues and emailing files back and forth. UCaaS file sharing capabilities let users share files simply by integrating directly with content management systems.


LanYap Networks connects your organization with HD video conferencing that offers an easy to use, feature-rich solution that delivers a meeting experience like never before. Leveraging the latest video-conferencing technology, video conferencing from LanYap Networks changes the way your business communicates by providing face-to-face collaboration. Our video conferencing solution provides a secure and simple way to increase business productivity and improve collaboration across your entire organization.

Audio conferencing from LanYap Networks gives your business the flexibility to host conference calls quickly and easily. Hold unlimited sales trainings, team meetings, and customer calls using our audio conferencing bridge without the need of a third-party conferencing system. This dedicated conference bridge allows callers from any location, on any device to dial into a password-protected bridge and offers high-quality audio solutions for any business size.


Our desktop collaboration solution provides a feature-rich web and conferencing application, ideal for hosting online meetings, webinars, and training sessions. This feature-rich web and video application offers HD video, along with screen sharing capabilities and audio conferencing dial-in. With desktop collaboration from LanYap Networks, your business can connect team members, colleagues, and customers in one simple, easy-to-use platform, saving you time and money while providing an excellent experience.


Extend the value of your UCaaS system and improve productivity by integrating with other business-critical applications. At LanYap Networks, we can build integrations between your UC solution and contact center, CRM systems, UC analytics tools, call recording apps, and much more. 

Contact Center (Contact Center as-a-Service)

A cloud-managed contact center delivers streamlined management for calls, IMs, email, chat sessions, and other communications with customers, employees, and partners. Integration between CCaaS and UCaaS is especially useful in industries that have heavy compliance requirements.

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