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SMB Desktop Forecast: ‘Cloudy’ with a chance of as-a-service.

Posted by on September 18th, 2019 in Cloud Solutions, Desktop-as-a-Service

Gartner’s forecast that the business world would become more ‘cloudy’ by 2020 was spot on. Today, the message is clear – transform digitally or get left in the dust by competitors. This is especially true for the SMB market where competing with big fish in the pond is hindered by the limited resources and scarce IT support. Don’t let the forecast discourage you, SMB owner. There is hope for sunny skies with higher productivity and increased agility. Enter cloud solutions like Desktop-as-a-Service. 

When we hear of ‘as-a-service’ offerings, Desktop as a Service tends to get relatively little attention. This could change, however, since industry leaders expect DaaS to grow significantly in 2019 and beyond – especially in the SMB market that lacks the technical and financial resources required to build and maintain virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Many of these organizations can’t afford the overhead associated with VDI, so they look to the cloud for service alternatives.

IT Becomes Proactive, Not Reactive

SMB IT staff often spends a significant amount of time reacting to IT issues rather than focusing on proactive, strategic improvements. DaaS reduces the complexity associated with the day-to-day maintenance, administration, and management of employee desktops. Removing this burden from their shoulders frees up IT personnel to focus on long-term, strategic goals that help move the business’ IT infrastructure forward.

Build for Today and The Future 

Minimizing technology costs is a concern for all organizations. SMBs, typically bound by smaller budgets and fewer upfront capital expense funds, must be even more careful with how they spend coveted IT dollars. DaaS eliminates the financial burden of managing physical servers, reducing the up-front and ongoing investment into physical space, security, heating/cooling, and other on-premise expenses. Additionally, DaaS provides a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model that is ideal for scaling the SMB over time, giving them the ability to pay for only what they need today and add new features and users down the road.

Tackle Mobility and Security Head On

Mobility and security are at the forefront of nearly all IT manager’s minds. As more employees work remotely, DaaS empowers them to stay productive even when they aren’t in the physical office. But the ability to access files from laptops and mobile devices also raises some security concerns for IT managers; and rightfully so. Even large enterprises like Deloitte, Equifax, and Verizon have experienced massive data breaches in recent years. DaaS protects data from a variety of malicious cyber threats, theft or loss of devices, as well as data protection in the event of a disaster. DaaS providers are better equipped to stay ahead of the cyberthreat game, giving SMBs the ability to turn that concern over to the experts rather than spending more IT resources on threat management.

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