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Selecting A TEM Partner

Posted by on July 14th, 2016 in Blog Posts, Telecom, Telecom Expense Managment

Selecting a telecom expense management (TEM) partner should provide greater visibility and simplicity to your telecom expenses, but the thought of managing another vendor can be overwhelming. Considering these important factors will help you make a strategic TEM partner selection.

1. Market Knowledge

TEM companies with specific knowledge in your industry give you a competitive advantage. Experienced vendors utilize benchmark data for businesses similar to yours to identify areas of savings and contract negotiation. A TEM partner that stays current with market trends and shifts will provide your organization valuable perspective and be able to identify strategic long-term solutions.

2. Features

All vendors will provide the same core services of telecom expense management that control and reduce costs, but what additional features does your organization require? Consider your specialized needs such as the requirement to manage utilities, handle paper bills, pay bills on your behalf or operate in international geographies and confirm the TEM partner you select can provide the necessary solutions.

3. User Experience

A vendor that is a good cultural and technical fit with your organization makes all the difference. A partner that is easy to work with and provides a good end-user experience makes your life easier. Will you be able to access the information and reports you need to? Is the software design intuitive? Can you make changes yourself? A good user experience can save you time and headaches down the line.

4. Carrier Neutral

Not all Telecom Expense Management companies operate independently. A TEM partner without relationships or preferences to specific carriers will remain objective and keep your business’s best interest in mind.

5. Customer References

What differentiates the prospective TEM partner from their competitors? Request case studies, customer testimonials and references to gain insight as to what the customer experience is like. Note how responsive they are, how experienced they are in your market, successful past renegotiations and savings identified.

Considering this decision-making criteria ahead of time will help you choose a TEM partner that meets the specific requirements of your business and ensure the long-term success of your partnership.

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