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SaaS vs. On-Prem…That is the Question

There is no question that Software-as-a-Service has transformed the way we work today.  If you haven’t transitioned your on-premise software to the cloud yet, you are likely asking yourself if it is about time.  As you consider ditching your on-prem software for the cloud, here are a few factors to consider.

Instant Updates

Much like the apps on our phones that need perpetual updating, the software applications we rely on to keep our businesses running smoothly require constant updates to operate at peak performance.  With cloud-based applications, you will always have the most up to date software as automatic updates are built into your billing plan and only require an internet connection to download.

Ease of Use

Cloud applications tend to offer more user-friendly interfaces which can make company-wide adoption less of a headache. One contributing factor is the opportunity for your organization to customize the software to your specific needs.  Additionally, cloud-based applications rely on a web-browser format, which most users are already familiar with and find more intuitive. As an added bonus, users benefit from the ability to access the software and their data from anywhere, so they can be productive while on the go.

Hassle-Free Provisioning

Gone are the days of searching for install discs and keeping track of licensing codes. When you opt for hosted software, provisioning is a breeze. You can instantly scale up or down, and best of all you only pay for the licenses you need so you should never overpay.

Reduced Capex Investment

On-premise software is often associated with costly servers, hardware, and a significant time commitment from your IT team to support. Free up your IT staff by switching to a SaaS model so they can focus on more strategic initiatives and let the software support teams handle the time-consuming tasks like recovering lost passwords.

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