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Outsource Your Help Desk

Posted by on June 09th, 2016 in Blog Posts, Help Desk

When a customer or employee has a technical issue, the help desk is the first point of contact to seek assistance in finding a solution. Nothing is more frustrating than a subpar experience with tech support. Unfortunately, many IT help desks are bogged down with support tickets and often struggle to resolve issues quickly while still providing a solid end-user experience. But the customer’s experience is only part of the issue. Here are three reasons for outsourcing your help desk makes sense for your business.

Strategic Focus with Better ROI

The cost of maintaining a full-time IT support staff can be a drain on your bottom line. By leveraging an outside partner, you can shift in-house personnel to more strategic projects and leave the “fire-fighting” to the help desk experts. Password resets, Internet connection issues and printer problems can be outsourced to the help desk, allowing your valuable IT personnel to focus on projects that improve productivity and profits. Your bottom line (and your IT staff) will thank you.

Increased Availability and SLAs

Outsourced vendors operate under a service level agreement (SLA), resulting in faster response times and in most cases 24/7/365 end-user support. Additionally, an outsourced vendor has the ability to scale up and down as needed in order to readily accommodate a sudden spike in demand. Chances are your internal team lacks the flexibility that an outside vendor provides, so why reinvent the wheel?

Exceptional Service from Industry Experts

Let’s face it – the pace at which technology changes is mind-blowing. From software and security updates to mobile device operating systems, it’s virtually impossible for your IT department to keep up with the latest information. A third-party help desk partner connects your customers with skilled agents that deliver a higher level of technical service, regardless of the application, device or software.  

Outsourcing your help desk improves response times, provides exceptional customer support, and improves your bottom line. Give LanYap Networks a call today and let’s talk more about how our Help Desk solution can help your business.

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