Richard Olendese

Meet The Team

Richard Olendese

Strategic Customer Success Manager

As the Service and Support Director, my role is to oversee all service issues to resolution, offering my support to the customer and meeting all of their telecom needs.

We are a different agent model than others.

Our team works in a village concept.

We all support each other, assisting as needed while always keeping the customer’s needs front and center.

Service and Support are our main focuses and I’m pleased to be the one leading that effort.

With almost 40 years of dedication to providing service to customers, my experience has provided a keen insight into how issues need to be resolved. I pride myself in having a strong “Last Mile” understanding of local networks. For this is normally where
all failures in delivery of service happen. Being able to speak the language of the carrier allows for a quick resolution. This comes from having a strong local network background but also a thorough working with those who have emerged onto the telecom market. As they offer new opportunities for the customer as well as our agency.

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