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It’s Time to Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level with Workforce Management

Posted by on July 24th, 2019 in Contact Center, Workforce Management

Your workers are your biggest asset. Whether accounting or HR, sales managers or contact center agents, your staff is critical to day-to-day operations and a vital element in the organization’s competitive advantage. Being such a contributing factor to an organization’s success (or failure), employees need to be appropriately managed to ensure increased productivity and morale among the workforce. This is especially true with contact center agents, which is why today’s contact centers are deploying solutions like Workforce Management to accelerate productivity and profitability. 

Benefits of Workforce Management (WFM) 

WFM solutions are critical to running an efficient contact center: targeting key areas to optimize operations, allowing you higher efficiency and financial savings. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits WFM provides today’s modern contact center.

Better predict staffing requirements

With increased call volume comes an impulse to add more agents, resulting in additional costs. With WFM, contact centers can leverage historical data and planning tools to pinpoint when and where additional agents are needed. Rather than blanket coverage of multiple agents, the contact center can schedule based on peak and off-peak call hours to enhance the customer experience and meet service level agreements without incurring unnecessary costs.

Enhance effectiveness with scheduling alignment 

Coordinating the schedules of multiple agents can be a nightmare for staff managers. WFM gives contact center administrators the ability to define and assign work rules, manage agent availability, and even assign shifts based on a specific set of criteria like seniority or knowledge level. By scheduling the right agents at the right time, contact centers can manage agent resources more effectively while making smarter staff decisions.

Identify shortcomings and enhance agent performance 

Contact centers suffer when there is an inability to track agents’ progress and weaknesses. Agents that do not follow proper protocol for lunches and scheduled breaks or spend too much time on calls can cost the organization thousands throughout the year. WFM makes it easy for managers to identify these costly behaviors and agents and create a solution to address these problems for improved performance.

Optimizing your contact center with WFM helps create a lean, agile contact center that is certain to increase productivity and profits. Need help figuring out how to leverage WFM for your organization? LanYap Networks can help. Just give us a call! 

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