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Is Your Network Prepared for Disaster? 4G/LTE Could Be the Solution Your Business Needs.

Posted by on February 16th, 2017 in 4G LTE, Blog Posts, Disaster Recovery

The weather over the past few weeks has been intense. With massive snowstorms in Northern California, wildfires in East Tennessee, and tornadoes in Southern Georgia, I can only imagine that businesses in these areas were fighting two battles: keeping friends/family safe and keeping their businesses up and running.

Natural disasters, service provider outages, and even line cuts by a careless construction worker can wreak havoc on a business’s communications systems. But many are now looking to the 4G/LTE network to provide the additional protection they need during a network outage. So, why is the 4G/LTE network making such strides in the business world?

Investing in the future – In addition to spending billions of dollars to improve network coverage, large carriers like AT&T and Verizon are investing significant resources in the race to faster speeds and large coverage areas. Businesses can now leverage the network in ways that just weren’t possible a few years ago.

Primary or Failover – The idea of using 4G/LTE for a primary network was seemingly laughable 5 years ago. But the ubiquity and reliability of today’s 4G/LTE network affords businesses the opportunity to utilize wireless as either a primary or a backup network solution. Namely, businesses in remote locations with little or no internet access are now able to keep up with their peers in larger metropolitan areas. Others are looking to 4G/LTE to provide a secure, reliable failover option when primary wired networks go down.

Your business can’t afford network downtime. With each network outage, you risk productivity, revenue, and customer relationships that could have a significant, even fatal, outcome on your business.

Don’t let network downtime be the Achilles Heel of your business. Contact LanYap today to see how 4G/LTE can help protect your business when disaster strikes.

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