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Is Video the New Voice? It’s Time to Take a Look at Your Conferencing

Posted by on September 19th, 2018 in Blog Posts, Video Conferencing

Real-time video has found its way into a wide range of applications and industries. From IoT to financial services, education to healthcare – enterprise organizations are leveraging video to better connect with customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders. In the consumer market, things like video doorbells and virtual insurance adjusters are becoming mainstream applications that improve the customer experience while reducing costs for the providers. Apps like FaceTime video and Skype are quickly becoming the preferred method of communication among the up and coming generation. Businesses are taking note, and platforms like Cisco, Zoom, and BlueJeans are bringing robust, feature-rich video conferencing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Like most business technologies – not all providers are created equal. Whether you’re looking at video conferencing for the first time or need to re-evaluate your existing solution, here are a few things that you need to consider.

Your Current Environment

Before you do anything, you need to look at what tools and applications your organization is currently using. In doing so, you will uncover critical information, such as features your employees can’t do without or features you currently lack in your current conferencing environment.

Business Needs

Now that you’ve got a foundational view of where you are today, it’s time to look at what you are looking to accomplish with a video solution. Do you need in-room solutions for executive conference rooms? Will you use video for large meetings or webinars? Identifying these requirements will help you further drill down which providers can support your business objectives.

Feature Requirements

Take time to make a list of all the features your organization needs from a video solution. Video solutions have come a long way in the last few years, bringing robust features including screen sharing, live chat, desktop sharing, annotation, recording, and more. Be sure to consider the features that you need not only today, but also future feature requirements. This will ensure that you have a video platform that can handle all of your video needs as your organization changes and grows.   

Once you’ve evaluated your current environment and identified your business needs and feature requirements, it’s time to start vetting providers. Many will offer a free trial of their solutions, so be sure to take advantage of those whenever possible. Don’t have the time to mess with all that? No problem. By working with a trusted advisor like LanYap Networks you can leverage our industry knowledge to pinpoint providers that meet your criteria quickly. In most cases, we can even work to negotiate contracts on your behalf to help you get the most bang for your buck.

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