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How to Prevent Silos From Killing Your Productivity

Posted by on October 24th, 2016 in Blog Posts, Service Providers, Telecom

It was once common practice for one department to be responsible for voice and another for data, however, in today’s competitive market, efficiency is critical. Break down any unnecessary silos created by technology to unlock the revenue-generating possibilities of your IT department.

Start With Your CRM

Your CRM is the core of your organization. What applications are you using that should talk to your CRM? Email, instant messaging, phone, and marketing automation platforms can all be connected to reduce double entry in your CRM.

Streamline the Process

Consolidate the decision making process and various platforms to get one centralized view of your IT needs. Align your operational workflow with your call flow so you can access a client profile in your CRM, click to call, and log the call and notes in one location, eliminating additional work.

Increase Productivity, Drive Revenue

When you align your phone system with your operational process, you increase productivity for your sales team while at the same time freeing up your IT department for revenue-generating activities like building new applications for the business.

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