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Fly Me to Your Room: Let’s Collaborate and Become Stars

Posted by on March 26th, 2017 in Blog Posts, Collaboration, Unified Communications

Today, Frank Sinatra would be able to fly a lot more places than just the moon with the robust video conferencing solutions available. Considering the astronomical costs associated with today’s business travel (even to just fly around Earth), companies across industries are leveraging video conferencing to save their bottom line and become collaboration stars.


Just getting started? Video can help. With limited resources like office space and staff, video gives small organizations the ability to connect with the best talent (oftentimes contractors) regardless of location, save money on recruiting and interviewing, and eventually retain employees who relocate. They can also use video to gain a competitive advantage by fostering strong client relationships and collaboration, and money saved on travel and office space can be used to focus on growing the business.


Technology has been an integral part of the healthcare industry since its inception and video has proven to be no different. Doctors use video to connect with patients and colleagues in real-time, regardless of time or location. This gives patients in rural areas access to treatment and also provides training opportunities for doctors in these areas to help alleviate the shortage of local healthcare options. Video also connects healthcare professionals with prison inmates so they can receive care without the added danger of transport to and from another facility.


Video offers collaboration on construction sites like never before. Now architects, engineers, and inspectors that cannot be on-site every day can easily connect with the boots on the ground to perform inspections, quality assurance, and keep a project moving forward safely. Furthermore, project managers can support multiple sites remotely and reduce project time frames as a result of increased collaboration.

These are just three of the many industries connecting with video today. If your business is not currently leveraging video conferencing, it’s time to start saving and collaborating.

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