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Dick Tracy, Captain Kirk, and The Jetsons Take on the Modern Workplace

Posted by on October 16th, 2019 in Blog Posts

Many of us can think back to a time that we were enamored with the futuristic possibilities we saw on TV and in comic books. Star Trek’s Captain Kirk communicated with friends and foes alike via video back in the ’60s. Dick Tracy led the desire for wearables and may be directly responsible for inventing the Apple Watch, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The Jetsons’ housekeeping robot, Rosie, set our expectations for AI to enter the home and help us with our daily chores like making shopping lists and vacuuming the floor. While not all of the tech gadgets from days of old have come to fruition, the rate at which technology is changing our daily lives is astonishing! 

In the workplace, we see an increased desire for technology and communication solutions that mirror our daily lives. Employees want devices and applications that offer the same fluidity as their laptops, mobile phones, and smartwatch. IT managers want integrated solutions that don’t require hours of upgrades, updates, and maintenance. CTOs want visibility into the entire system that allows them to make strategic decisions about where to place valuable resources. These demands are the driving force behind organizations looking to next-gen technology to streamline workflows, communications, and business processes. 

Enter Unified Communications and App Integration

Ten years ago, the idea of UC was enough to make every business giddy with excitement. The ability to combine voice, video, chat, and presence into a single platform has changed the way organizations communicate both internally and externally. It took a few years for vendors to fine-tune the technology, but today’s UC platforms have evolved to include a host of integrations that take UC to the next level.

UC platforms are now integrating everything from CRM applications like Salesforce and Zoho to collaboration tools like Slack and business suites like Google Apps and Office 365. Today, the possibilities of streamlining communications, collaboration, and business processes are seemingly endless. 

A guided approach with your business at the forefront

As we’ve said before – not all providers are created equal. In a sea of UC providers, how do you find the one that’s right for your business? We believe this starts with an examination of your current technology landscape and future business goals. Some UC platforms offer enterprise-level features and integrations that do an excellent job of connecting nearly anything and everything you could imagine. However, this doesn’t come cheap and may provide more than you intend to use today. Others may offer a mid-level opportunity to connect apps and voice at a more reasonable price, but you may outgrow the solution as your business operations change down the road.

The trick is to have a partner that not only understands how each of the UC vendor platforms integrates with third-party applications but also takes the time to identify your business needs before recommending a solution provider. LanYap Networks is that partner. Contact us today and let us help bring Dick, Kirk, and Rosie to your modern workplace!

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