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Considerations for Everything-as-a-Service

Posted by on April 24th, 2017 in As-a-Service, Everything-as-a-Service

It’s hard to imagine that it was just five years ago when companies started to jump on the outsourcing bandwagon. While a lot has changed since 2012, the fundamental reasons that companies flock to the Cloud remain constant: flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. The Cloud continues to drive the possibilities for managed services with Worldwide Public IT Cloud Service revenue predicted to reach $127 billion in 2018 and Managed Services to hit $256 billion by 2018 (Source: Statistica).

Shift from Horizontal SaaS to Vertical SaaS

Horizontal SaaS applications focus on a specific function, like Sales and CRM, marketing automation, accounting, or e-Commerce. While Gartner places SaaS as approaching the ‘Plateau of Productivity’ towards mainstream adoption, industry-specific cloud applications have emerged. These applications are designed specifically to meet the needs of varying industries including Healthcare, Real Estate, Government, and more.  We will see more Vertical SaaS applications emerge in the coming years.

Focus on Security

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market is expected to reach $181 billion by the end of this year and 67% of employees already use their own devices at work (Source: Markets and Markets).  With the mobility, the Cloud offers and a plethora of SaaS platforms available today, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between a personal and work device these days. With the influx of personal devices comes added security risks, thus managed cybersecurity solutions have become increasingly important.

Integration is King

Businesses’ technology ecosystems have become increasingly complex with the growing number of cloud-based applications and outsourced services available. Streamlining efficiencies between applications is essential in order to reap the benefits of all your cloud-based applications. When selecting a provider, you’ll also want to confirm their ability to integrate with any legacy systems you have.

The Cloud and the outsourced services it powers enable businesses to outsource IT functions and access enterprise-grade technology and support. Contact LanYap today to see how Cloud applications can enhance your business.

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