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Comprehensive Telecom and IT Audit: Now’s the time.

Posted by on June 18th, 2020 in Blog Posts, Telecom Audit

Earlier this year, many businesses scrambled to send employees home to work when mandates were implemented to protect citizens from the spreading pandemic. Some had all the tools they needed – a solid Unified Communications platform, video conferencing tools, mobility management tools, and cybersecurity protection. Some didn’t. 

Regardless of how this year’s pandemic has impacted your business operations, it’s an ideal time to consider a comprehensive telecom and IT audit. I know what you’re thinking – ”The last thing I want after all this craziness is an audit!” While it might not sound as fun as a beach vacation or a trip to the ballpark, with the right partner it’s virtually painless and can yield incredible savings for your business. With all of the uncertainty this year, budgets are sure to tighten as the economy braces for what the rest of 2020 may have in store.

So what does a comprehensive telecom and IT audit look like? Let’s explore! 


First things first – let’s get a lay of the land. That includes a list of all of the services, devices, software, and infrastructure that you’re paying for today. We work with your IT and accounting teams to develop a clear picture of your inventory and service contracts so that we can accurately assess your current IT environment and the associated costs. 

Analysis and Verification

With the inventory list in hand, our team of experts goes through each line item to identify the following:

  • Billing errors, including overages and manual errors
  • Unused or underutilized services
  • Incorrect taxes or service fees
  • Contractual variations
  • Any other unnecessary expenses or services

Optimization and Implementation

Once we’ve identified inventory and contracts with excessive costs, we act on your behalf to gather competitive quotes, renegotiate contracts and optimize rates, and eliminate excess

services and contracts. In doing so, we typically show substantial savings across your telecom and IT expenditures. If you choose to proceed with new service contracts, we then work with carriers to implement new services, contracts, or devices as needed.

Next Steps?

As you begin the second half of 2020, let LanYap Networks fine-tune your telecom and IT expenses to make the best use of your resources. You may have added extra services to your technology stack in a rush to implement a Work From Home policy, or you may need to evaluate the services you’ve been using for years. Either way, we have the expertise and extensive carrier relationships that you need to get your telecom and IT expenses back on track!

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