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Competitive Pricing Models and Grants Give Businesses Even More Incentive to Leverage Cloud Providers AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure

Posted by on February 22nd, 2018 in Blog Posts

As cloud computing continues to pick up steam, the “big three” in the public cloud market, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure are fighting for precious market share and customer dollars. In fact, IDC estimates that worldwide spending on public cloud computing will hit $162B in 2020, which translates into significant opportunity for providers. But what does this trend mean for businesses looking to leverage on of these businesses for cloud infrastructure? While AWS, GCP, and Azure collectively dominate the market, there are certainly some distinct differences between the three.

One of the most compelling benefits of using these providers is their competitive pricing models. With multiple options available for buyers, the demand for cloud services has forced providers to adopt a very open online pricing model. The result? Online pricing calculators for buyers to estimate potential costs based on a customized solution. Additionally, we see an ongoing effort to offer customers pay-as-you-go pricing – even down to paying per minute, rather than monthly usage. Check out the pricing calculators:

In addition to the competitive pricing models, Google and Microsoft are sweetening the pot with grants to help new and existing customers get even more out of their cloud spend. Here’s what the two providers are offering for customers:

  • Google Cloud Platform: Any client at $16,000+/month is eligible to receive complimentary training and workshops funded by Google.
  • Microsoft Azure: $6,000+ in funding for any client interested in moving to Azure. This funding can be used to subsidize assessments, workshops, etc.

As you can see, the pricing models for these cloud providers are extremely attractive for businesses looking to leverage cloud technology platforms. LanYap Networks can help you evaluate a cloud platform, negotiate pricing, and take advantage of special grant offers to maximize your budget. Give us a call today!

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