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Combat Cyber Security While Traveling

Posted by on October 17th, 2016 in Blog Posts, Security, Telecom

International travel is thrilling in and of itself. Dealing with a security hack shouldn’t add unwanted excitement to your trip. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while traveling shields you from this extra element of surprise and enhances your travel experience.

Secure Your Personal Information

Making financial transactions over public wifi is risky. Avoid letting your personal information float around in airports or train stations, by using a VPN to encrypt your data so you can securely use free wifi.

Bypass International Censorship

Many countries censor what sites can be accessed on the Internet. Connect through VPN from another country to access the internet as if you were in that country to visit blog and media sites blocked from your location.

Securely Access Work Files

Opening files containing sensitive company information without a secure network can be dangerous. Use VPN to safely access work files from wherever your travels take you.

Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

Many countries block streaming sites due to rights issues. Connect to your VPN to avoid the “Sorry, your video is not available from this location” notifications.

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