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Still limping along with a legacy phone system? The cloud can change that.

In January 2020, you may have been perfectly happy with your business phone system then everything changed. While there’s no real indication of when things will ‘return to normal,’ what we do know is that most businesses require a robust phone system that can support the remote workforce. If your phone system failed you when your […]

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Supplier Spotlight: West

West connects businesses and their customers  West Corporation is a global technology enablement company. We connect people around the world, empowering enterprises with technology and solutions for communication with customers, collaboration among employees and connectivity to emergency assistance. With the industry’s broadest and most complete portfolio of enterprise-grade UCaaS solutions including conferencing & collaboration, cloud […]

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Fly Me to Your Room: Let’s Collaborate and Become Stars

Posted by on March 26th, 2017 in Blog Posts, Collaboration, Unified Communications

Today, Frank Sinatra would be able to fly a lot more places than just the moon with the robust video conferencing solutions available. Considering the astronomical costs associated with today’s business travel (even to just fly around Earth), companies across industries are leveraging video conferencing to save their bottom line and become collaboration stars. Startups […]

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Supplier Spotlight: Access Point

LanYap is proud to have Access Point in our portfolio of suppliers. Access Point’s strong reputation in the technology world and broad nationwide coverage makes them a reliable provider of traditional voice services as well as integrated communications solutions. Access Point provides highly competitive rates from a single source, providing clients with a variety of […]

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