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Top 4 SD-WAN Myths Debunked

Posted by on May 28th, 2018 in Blog Posts, SD-WAN

Software-defined WAN, or SD-WAN, has been gaining traction in the industry. Many vendors and partners have positioned SD-WAN as the “end to MPLS.” However, that myth and others have caused some confusion, and we want to help set the record straight when it comes to what SD-WAN promises customers. Here are a few top myths […]

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SD-WAN Picking Up Steam in the Enterprise

Posted by on September 27th, 2016 in Blog Posts, SD-WAN

Most everyone in the IT industry has heard the buzz around SD-WAN over the past year. Similar to what we’ve seen with “unified communications,” there has been some confusion around the true definition of SD-WAN. Despite the lack of a globally accepted definition, one thing is certain, providers are staking claim as they continue to […]

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