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CenturyLink Business: Be the Catalyst for Your Digital Transformation

Posted by on July 16th, 2017 in Blog Posts, Cloud Applications

Digital transformations are never easy. Many organizations face significant barriers, including inflexible IT systems and the need for agility, organizational silos and the need to uncouple legacy practices, and risk and security, including the need for assured data custody. You may be executing digital initiatives, but you need to accelerate. The digital economy requires a […]

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SaaS vs. On-Prem…That is the Question

There is no question that Software-as-a-Service has transformed the way we work today.  If you haven’t transitioned your on-premise software to the cloud yet, you are likely asking yourself if it is about time.  As you consider ditching your on-prem software for the cloud, here are a few factors to consider. Instant Updates Much like […]

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