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All About That “aaS” – Top 3 Benefits of the As-a-Service Model

Posted by on November 16th, 2017 in As-a-Service, Blog Posts

With its roots dating back to 1960s, the as-a-service model provides businesses with subscription-based, cloud-hosted solutions that have a significant impact on how they build their technology and application ecosystem. We’ve watched the “aaS model” evolve in recent years to include everything from SaaS and IaaS to CPaaS and UCaaS, but what do all those “aaS” options mean for your organization? Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits.

  1. Scalability – The as-a-service model gives enterprises the ability to scale up or down as their business requirements change. Whether you need to add additional users, deploy more features, or increase API volumes, this on-demand scalability provides added flexibility and greater agility to respond to changing business needs. These scalable systems go far beyond the on-premise, “out of the box” applications of the past, giving enterprises the ability to customize everything from CRM and HR to Accounting and Inventory Management.
  2. Cost Savings – Today’s businesses demand an increasing amount of technology to manage mission-critical business operations. In fact, the average organization uses around 13 cloud applications, according to Okta’s second annual Business @ Work survey. As businesses add more technology to their organizational strategy, the as-a-service model eliminates the high costs of purchasing on-premise applications or developing the in-house infrastructure. Instead, this shift from CapEx to OpEx spending gives businesses more financial flexibility to deploy multiple applications, services, and platforms without being confined by considerable up-front costs.
  3. Ongoing Maintenance – Considering the number of applications and platforms businesses are using on a day-to-day basis, businesses leveraging on-premise or in-house solutions are forced to choose between pouring a significant portion of IT resources into maintaining the latest service upgrades or operating on out-of-date versions. The as-a-service model eliminates the need for businesses to choose. The cloud-based model puts the onus of maintaining future versions and system upgrades on the provider, transforming IT departments and allowing them to focus on revenue-generating opportunities, rather than management-focused tasks.

It may have started back in the 60’s, but the as-a-service model continues to change the way organizations manage day-to-day business operations. Improved scalability, increased cost savings, and automated ongoing maintenance are just a few of the reasons businesses are making the shift. Ready to learn more about as-a-service solutions? LanYap Networks can help. Give us a call!

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