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5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Business

Posted by on August 29th, 2016 in Blog Posts, Telecom

I’m absolutely in love with my 2-year old Border Collie/Pit mix, Beauregard (Beaux for short). He’s a smart, protective and slightly needy guy that we rescued from a kill shelter. It took a bit of training to get him up-to-speed on the house rules, but the unconditional love and friendship we have developed through the journey has been amazing. While I thought that I was the one doing the teaching, it turns out Beaux has taught me a couple of things along the way.

  1. Size doesn’t matter.  We’ve all seen the 8-pound chihuahua that acts like a mastiff. As an SMB, your business can do big things. Don’t get hung up on the fact that you may be smaller, whether in company size or revenue, than your industry counterparts. Focus on the impact you can make with the resources you have. You’ll be surprised how “big” you can look in the eyes of your customers and competition.
  2. Don’t fear competition.  There will always be a bigger dog at the park. Just because your competition is out there with more employees, deeper pockets, or more locations, don’t be afraid to get after it. Find your niche, develop your strategy, and focus on that. Don’t let the big dogs keep you from enjoying your time at the park.
  3. Your bark says a lot.  There’s a difference between a growl, whine, or playful bark. Your messaging/communications says a lot about who you are. When it comes to talking about your business, make sure you’re using the right tones and messages for your audience. If you’re growling when you should be barking, people may get the wrong impression of you and your business.
  4. Loyalty is everything.  Beaux, like most dogs, is a loyal companion. Your employees, customers, and partners need to know that you’re 100% committed to the relationship and value them. If you’re not loyal to them, you can’t very well expect them to reciprocate, which often results in them running the other way at the first sign of a challenge.
  5. Playtime matters.  Sometimes, you just need to get out and have some fun. Whether it’s taking your employees out for a birthday lunch or holding Halloween costume contests in the office, give your valuable employees some time to cut loose. A pack that plays together, stays together.

That’s it. Simple lessons that I learned from Beaux.

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