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3 Reasons Businesses are Deploying Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS)

Posted by on February 14th, 2018 in Contact Center, Contact-Center-as-a-Service

Over the years, the technology world has shifted to an “as-a-service” model. From software (SaaS) to infrastructure (IaaS) and everything in between, the as-a-service model levels the playing field for smaller businesses by leveraging enterprise-grade solutions traditionally available only to those with deep enough pockets.

The Contact Center is the latest solution to join the as-a-service ranks, providing customers with the ability to deploy a complete contact center solution in their environment without the capital expense of hosting and maintaining hardware in their own data center. This new model is changing the way organizations manage customer interactions, and the industry is taking notice. In fact, a recent Markets and Markets report estimates that the cloud-based contact center market will be worth $15.67 billion in the US by 2021.

So why are businesses taking their contact centers to the cloud?

Omni-Channel Communications 

CCaaS give organizations an opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive with omni-channel communications. Customers rely on digital communications like email, text messaging, webchat and social media to interact with business support teams. Omni-channel communications within the contact center not only gives customers a variety of options for connecting but also provides support teams with valuable insights and feedback from discussions via other channels. With transparency across all channels, organizations can resolve issues more quickly, resulting in superior customers experiences.

Better Scalability and Flexibility 

Traditional on-premise contact centers are built around a set number of agents and estimated call volume, making it difficult for contact centers to adjust changing environments. In this model, a significant outlay of capital would be required to add resources that might only be needed for a short period. With CCaaS, organizations have the flexibility to add or remove agents and features quickly and efficiently, allowing the contact center to adapt to higher and lower support volumes as needed.

Cloud Economics 

CCaaS shifts the financial burden from CAPEX to OPEX, allowing for better planning and staffing decisions while freeing up in-house IT staff from contact center operations. For smaller businesses or those with limited IT budgets, the CCaaS model has proven to be an economically sound choice while giving them access to features they may not have had with previous on-prem solutions. By lightening the financial burden of the contact center, IT departments can shift financial resources to other strategic and revenue-generating projects.

If you’re looking to take your contact center to the cloud and reap all the benefits that a CCaaS solution has to offer, give LanYap Networks a call. Our certified CCaaS professionals can help you identify and deploy the best CCaaS solution for your business so you can better serve your customers.

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