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3 Powerful Use Cases for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Posted by on February 20th, 2020 in Infrastructure

While the infrastructure and computing resources that run your business are critical, they are often underrated in terms of top business priorities. Rather than being viewed as a differentiator that provides a competitive advantage, they are simply expected to be reliable and function predictably. However, this simplistic view of your business’ infrastructure limits the ability to see all of the possibilities that lie ahead. 

In fact, today’s leading businesses are looking to infrastructure services to help them power digital transformation while driving efficiencies across the business. How so? Well, for one, many are utilizing the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model. IaaS gives organizations the ability to outsource the equipment to support business operations, such as storage, servers, and networking components. Additionally, IaaS provides access to these computing resources through a virtualized, cloud-based environment.

Improving scalability and reducing costs with IaaS 

Rather than purchasing hardware outright, IaaS offers users a way to leverage virtualized computing resources via the internet, adding the flexibility to scale up or down as business needs and priorities change. In fact, many businesses are leveraging a hybrid cloud model to create a more customized ecosystem that provides the ability to move workloads between private and public infrastructure. This reduction of on-premise infrastructure, coupled with a pay-as-you-go model allows businesses to spin up resources quickly, test new applications, and prepare for temporary (seasonal) spikes in network traffic. 

Use cases for Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Enabling add-on services – In addition to leveraging day-to-day computing resources, IaaS also provides a wide range of add-on services for businesses. Sticking with the as-a-service model, organizations can deploy additional computing, disaster recovery, or analytics services that help them build the ideal infrastructure solution for their business.

Improving data management – The amount of data collected by organizations is skyrocketing. Storing, analyzing, and managing this data requires a substantial amount of processing power, so it’s a perfect fit for the IaaS environment. The ability for IaaS to handle large workloads and integrate with business tools delivers business insights that help predict trends, create new products, and improve the customer experience. 

Creating a testing and development environment – The amount of computing and networking power afforded in IaaS makes it the perfect place to manage testing and development cycles. With most providers offering SLAs and high-level security, organizations can run and test mission-critical projects without bogging down existing resources and workloads. In many cases, networking support from the provider can be used to reduce the demand on internal IT staff. 

Shifting your business infrastructure to the cloud has numerous benefits, yet finding the right solution and evaluating providers can be a challenge. At LanYap Networks, we can help you match your business requirements to the right vendor. Just give us a call and let’s make your infrastructure be the differentiator we know it can be!

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