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3 Cloud Computing Solutions for the Remote Workforce

Posted by on April 14th, 2020 in Blog Posts

The past few weeks have felt like months to a lot of us. Many businesses sent employees home to work, and unfortunately, most of them were ill-prepared for the massive shift to a remote workforce environment. Conferencing and collaboration providers like Zoom, LogMeIn, and others were quick to respond and saw massive upticks in new users seemingly overnight. 

While these tools certainly help businesses stay connected, it’s the productivity of employees that will genuinely determine if the Work From Home (WFH) environment is successful. Video calls and screen shares play a vital role. Innovative cloud technology, cloud-based tools like virtual desktops, hosted phone systems, virtual private networks, and a plethora of web-based applications make it possible for employees to work from nearly any device anywhere in the world. It turns out cloud computing is the real game-changer in a successful remote workforce strategy. 

Remote Access (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) gives employees secure, remote access to business assets and online services. The VPN provides an encrypted network connection that allows a safe environment to access IT resources within the organization or elsewhere on the Internet and other networks. As the core foundation for remote internet access, a secure and reliable VPN solution is a critical component for a solid remote employee strategy.

Cloud Desktops

Cloud desktops give employees access to the desktop and applications they need to get work done, whether in the office or the kitchen. These virtual desktops offer users a standardized, controlled environment that makes it easier to secure, license, and support work environments. Not only do cloud desktops give remote employees access from any device or browser and allow IT to manage the deployment, but they also provide the organization with flexible consumption models for optimizing costs. 

Managed Security

Transitioning from the business office to the home office is a struggle for some. Many don’t have the same security measures to protect their networks and devices from cyber attacks. Managed security solutions give businesses the tools, processes, and advanced support needed to ensure the networks and mission-critical applications are secure. From protective practices to monitoring and notifications, managed security helps organizations keep employees secure on remote networks and devices. 

What’s Next?

Hopefully, this pandemic will soon be over, and we can all return to ‘business as usual.’ But what that will actually look like is still unknown. Some industry experts estimate that this exercise in a geographically-dispersed workforce will forever change how businesses operate. What we do know is that companies must have a plan in place if the need for mandated remote work arises again. 

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