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E911 Services – A Life-Saving Technology You Need to Address

Posted by on September 24th, 2018 in Blog Posts, Contact Center, Unified Communications

You’re sitting in your office after everyone else has gone home. This is the perfect time to get some work done, right? Absolutely! However, this is also an ideal scenario for something tragic to occur – a heart attack, fire, break-in, or some other situation in which you need emergency police, fire, or medical services. […]

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Is Video the New Voice? It’s Time to Take a Look at Your Conferencing

Posted by on September 19th, 2018 in Blog Posts, Video Conferencing

Real-time video has found its way into a wide range of applications and industries. From IoT to financial services, education to healthcare – enterprise organizations are leveraging video to better connect with customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders. In the consumer market, things like video doorbells and virtual insurance adjusters are becoming mainstream applications that improve […]

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Supplier Spotlight: West

West connects businesses and their customers  West Corporation is a global technology enablement company. We connect people around the world, empowering enterprises with technology and solutions for communication with customers, collaboration among employees and connectivity to emergency assistance. With the industry’s broadest and most complete portfolio of enterprise-grade UCaaS solutions including conferencing & collaboration, cloud […]

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