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Smart Buildings with IoT Make Their Way to the Small and Mid-Sized Office

Posted by on January 24th, 2018 in Blog Posts, Internet of Things

Smart homes and home automation have become the big buzzwords in the real estate market over the past few years as consumers look for the latest gadgets to “smart-enable” their homes. Smart devices for temperature control, lighting, kitchen appliances, and even window shades are now must-haves for the energy-conscious consumer, and those in building design […]

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The Remote Workforce is Calling – Unified Communications is Answering.

Posted by on January 15th, 2018 in Blog Posts, Unified Communications

Remote employees, those that spend a significant amount of their time outside the corporate offices in places like home offices, airport terminals, and coffee shops, are becoming the norm for many organizations. In fact, the global mobile workforce is estimated to reach 1.87 billion in 2022, a 38.8% increase from 2016. While the trend is on […]

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