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Supplier Spotlight: Access Point

LanYap is proud to have Access Point in our portfolio of suppliers. Access Point’s strong reputation in the technology world and broad nationwide coverage makes them a reliable provider of traditional voice services as well as integrated communications solutions. Access Point provides highly competitive rates from a single source, providing clients with a variety of […]

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Is Your Network Prepared for Disaster? 4G/LTE Could Be the Solution Your Business Needs.

Posted by on February 16th, 2017 in 4G LTE, Blog Posts, Disaster Recovery

The weather over the past few weeks has been intense. With massive snowstorms in Northern California, wildfires in East Tennessee, and tornadoes in Southern Georgia, I can only imagine that businesses in these areas were fighting two battles: keeping friends/family safe and keeping their businesses up and running. Natural disasters, service provider outages, and even […]

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Tips for Mastering Telecom Expense Management

Posted by on February 07th, 2017 in Blog Posts, Telecom Expense Managment

Your business likely has more electronic devices than you know what to do with, including the antiquated ones hidden in abandoned desks and filing cabinets! Add in their associated service plans and contacts and that’s enough to give anyone a migraine. Save yourself the headache by using these tips for mastering Telecom Expense Management. Inventory […]

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