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lagniappe Pronunciation: 'lan-"YAP

  • A small gift presented to a customer
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Our Team

About Us

LanYap Networks is the leading provider of strategic telecom and cloud solutions for mid-sized and enterprise level companies throughout the United States. LanYap Networks assesses their clients’ current telecommunications infrastructure, strategizes their future objectives, and then sources and negotiates the best solutions from their network of more than 60 local, national, and international telecom and cloud service carriers.

Since 2005, LanYap Networks has provided its voice, cloud, data, and wireless/cellular industry experience and expertise at zero cost to their clients. Once LanYap Networks sources the best carriers and negotiates the contracts, the carriers fund the service. The LanYap Networks team then supports their client for the life of the contract, eliminating telecom frustrations entirely from IT departments.

Today, LanYap Networks helps clients nationwide navigate the rapidly changing telecom and IT landscape, where the right telecommunications solution becomes a strategic advantage. More than a brokerage, they provide real solutions to their clients that allow them to easily communicate, quickly scale, and generate ROI from their telecommunications and data systems. LanYap Networks takes pride in eliminating the difficulties and confusion that carriers often place on IT departments.

LanYap Networks is a WBENC Certified Woman-Owned Business. The principals of the company are on the Channel Partners Advisory Board, the Intelisys Advisory Board, and are active members of the AZ Tech Council.

The LanYap Networks Team

Angie Tocco, Co-Founder

Angie’s 32 year telecom career has been both fast-paced and diverse. She began her career in operations/service, and later moved on to sales engineering, customer service and project management.

In 1997 Angie joined Network Services Agency, which later became Inter-Tel/Mitel. As a regional sales director she was responsible for the network sales for direct branches in 10 states and 30+ dealers, as well as managing carrier relationships.

In her 14 year tenure, Angie won numerous awards including Presidents Club and Sales Person of the Year; as well as multiple USWEST/Qwest awards for Sales, Customer Service and Customer Retention. In addition to her many awards, Angie’s years of experience and extensive knowledge also earned her multiple term positions on the advisory councils for USWEST and later Qwest, as well as XO Communications.

While at Inter-Tel/Mitel, Angie developed a strong working relationship with Laura Dashney of KDL Consulting, who enjoyed great success while never losing sight of the importance of the customer’s experience. With shared values and complementary talents, Angie and Laura partnered to found LanYap Networks.

"It seems that all too often the sales process has become more about the product, the carrier, or the compensation; with the customer’s needs becoming almost an afterthought. For any large company, quotas and pressure to push one product over another are the norm. It was for this reason that I chose to start my own company; I wanted the freedom to shift my focus from sales to service in order to better serve my customers."

Angie Tocco

Laura Dashney, Co-Founder

As one of the co-founders of LanYap Networks, Laura Dashney brings more than 15 years of telecommunications strategy, management, and leadership experience to the team. Her diverse background with some of the top telecom companies in the world helped create the company LanYap Networks is today.  Laura’s well rounded knowledge of the telecom industry throughout her career has given her expertise, from fixed wireless broadband, to working knowledge of both the LEC and CLEC side of the industry. So she has the ability to consult with authority and in each area of the industry.

As a born entrepreneur and value creator, Laura is driven each day by her passion for taking care of her customers. As such partnering with Angie Tocco to create LanYap Networks was a natural progression to taking her already thriving business to the next level. Laura shares with her business partner responsibilities for sales, support and implementation and coming to the market in a unique way where the customer always comes first.

A zealous technology enthusiast, she’s also a health nut, taking part in several half-marathons and cross-country relay races.  And when she’s not taking care of her clients, learning about new technology, or running across the country, you’ll find her leading our future leaders in her daughter’s local Girl Scout troop and local softball league in Phoenix. Laura is an avid supporter of the WBENC organization and she volunteers and assists WBENC in numerous areas. Along with her business partner, Angie Tocco, she is active in the Arizona Tech Council as well as the Intelisys Advisory Board.

"Coming to the market with the team we have been creating has been an invigorating experience for me. The likeminded thinking in how we manage and support our customers is a breath of fresh air in today’s market! I look forward to furthering our relationships with customers and vendors in the months ahead and years to come."

Laura Dashney

Richard Olendese, Service & Support Director

Richard has provided over 32 years of service and support to his customers in telecom. His work experience includes Mountain Bell (AT&T), US West, Qwest and CenturyLink. Recognized throughout his career as a team leader, Richard has worked in installation and maintenance from basic to enhanced services, as well as managed a multi-state dispatch operation center. For the last six years, Richard has been a Service Manager of Enterprise accounts. He has supported numerous Fortune 500 companies; locally, nationally and internationally.

Melissa Louvau, Project Manager

LanYap Networks was most fortunate when Melissa agreed to come on board. Her technical knowledge and skill set is on par with the industry's top producing Project Managers. When we first met Melissa 14 years ago, she was a customer. Highly technical, demanding but fair; we were so impressed by her that she was hired to be a Project Manager and she has excelled at it for over 10 years. She brings that skill set and more to her job on a daily basis, and above all never forgets what it is like to be the customer.

Jen Bixby, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Jen unofficially began her telecom career at the ripe old age of twelve, spending summers filing mountains of documentation from USWEST before the magic of the internet rescued us all. She got her official start some years later and has worked in the telecom industry for five years; during which she has provided customer service, sales support, and more billing research than is probably healthy.

Having worked with both Angie and Laura in the past, Jen seemed a natural fit to become LanYap Networks' social media monkey.

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